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Ark Royal - The Diamond in the Rough

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So after getting the Ark Royal for many historically obvious reasons I've been playing her for a bit. She is something else that is for certain. Her playstyle I would say is almost completely unique to other CV's period. Besides getting the coveted 3 plane drops at a tier where no CV gets them, her planes are actually something to be feared. I'm a little over 20 games in with the Ark Royal sitting at about a 60% win rate. There have been massive blowout games and just average games. I think the important thing to keep in mind is that your a Tier 6 ship, flying tier 4 planes, with tier 8 abilities. So going down the list of pro's and con's.



- 3 plane drop, 9 plane overall flight

- slower planes means time to adjust and set up a solid run

- slower planes means pinpoint turning and against tier 5-6 BB's that means multiple torp runs

- Bombs are not high in alpha damage but the napalm effect is alive and well

- huge flight accompaniment to make up for potential plane losses

- quick plane regeneration means easier to keep multiple planes in the air



- Slow planes means time to get to target and over heavy AA loses run high

- Slow planes also means when you make a decision you need to stick with it because adjusting wastes to much time

- Bombs are not the strongest for their tier

- Your fighters are ok vs enemy CV's but your bombers are not



I think there's a lot of good that out weigh the bad and in good hands it can be a devastating carrier. I'm gonna attach some recent game results.





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Definitely one of my favorites. It's a fun ship to play with.

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She is effective and aside from the slow speed does well for her tier. Definitely helpful in operations as well and only overshadowed imo by ryujo due to her fast planes being able to do quick turn arounds with fast torps.

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Now if only I had any faith in the rework in general, and the MM I tend to get in particular.

Like to use it in Co-op or the T6 Ops, but you couldn’t pay me enough fxp to play it in Randoms.

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My entire problem wit the ship is she is only balanced to go against tier 5 and 6 ships. It honestly feels like 0 consideration was actually given to how she handles tier 7 and 8 because AA is still fragged and it's like they assumed the new MM algorithm would shield it enough akin to the +1/-2 premiums that tanks and warplanes used to have. Problem is - it doesn't. It has the same rockets as Furious, but Furious's planes are faster. It has 1 extra torpedo, an actual plus, but gain slower planes. Furious actually has a slightly higher chance at starting fires on average AND can actually punch through more than superstructure like decks. 

And I can't even enjoy it from a historical point either.

They put a ton in to it with the whole 'Unsinkable Sam' bit and the ties to Bismarck. Problem is she wasn't operating Skua's any more at that point, she was using Fulmar's. Same as well while Sam was on board. The Skua was a DIVE BOMBER, that never used RP-3's. So where are my Skua DB's with 500 lb bombs diving at a target? I already have a myriad of issues with this carpet bombing nonsense in the tech tree but relegating the Swordfish to being a carpet bomber when, while it may be the wrong mark, it actually carried RP-3's?

I get it has plane regen rate, but a bit more speed or HP wouldn't kill them (and yes, I am actually not that much of a puritan to history when gameplay and necessity of balance actually trumps it) granted I'd also fight them on the Swordfish being tier 4 to begin with (I'd make it tier 5 at the worst) as well as maybe actually balancing AA right. 

It's not the worst CV I've played - nor the most historically inaccurate, but it feels like the manifestation of a myriad of issues I have with Wargaming at the moment in a single CV. 

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