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question about the aiming interface

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hi, i was chasing down a DD today and i find the distance display (both my point of landing and my total shooting range) gets in the way of me seeing enemy DD ship movement


the 6.71km and 11.30km

(like showing aimed distance i guess makes sense, but my max range? it is on my minimap why do i have to have it on my aiming screen all the time?)


is there a way for me to mod these so i can move them a little bit more away from the center so it doesnt get into the way as much?

and also how to move the shell landing time display?


i know disabling alternate battle interface would remove the numbers, but the alt battle interface provide me too much information that i really dont want to disable it


thansk in advance

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The number on the bottom is actually your concealment range not your firing range. I’m pretty sure there’s an option in the settings to disable it, but if not there should be a mod in the modstatuon to do it. 

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