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Hey guys! i'm an Eu streamer who wanted to play on the NA server too to see if I can get a sort of following over here.

The link to my twitch is: 

I also like to make content for Youtube as well though usually it is things such as clan battles videos or just good games that I had gotten on stream

The link to my Youtube channel is: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJxHYyzht98-Oo5HM7qMahQ?

Hopefully that by expanding myself to the NA servers and streaming at later times I can build up more of a following.

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Well then I think it's time I took back my old thread, This account here i'm on now is one I transferred across after the whole thing in December so here I am to revive the thread once again.

Oh yes and nothing has changed the Hex Maniac is still the best waifu

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