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How to BB?

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A while back I came here looking for help with DD games saying I did better in BBs. Well now it's the BBs that are giving me high blood pressure. I've did generally well until after a month of playing Gneisenau (currently on Bismarck). I swear everything that can go wrong WILL go wrong when playing the BB. Long range shootouts? 3 out of 4 time miss, with the occasional hit that is a overpen or a non pen. Close quarters? I get focused by half the enemy team to death. Something in between? Both of the above happens with a plus of HE spammers and team mates that seem like their feeding the enemy. Seriously what is up with this? My WR for the T7 and 8 have plummeted down to a mere 40%. I would like to think that it's because of my lack of skills but when the WR of my DD and cruisers are above 50, I just can't figure out what is wrong. Someone please send help before my PC gets it.

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Welcome to T8 and the German BBs.

The Germans have terrible dispersion. So long range is not an option, you'll miss most of the time.

The problem with close range is that it's easy to leave your team behind, which means all the reds shoot at you, and even a GK can only take so much. Go with the team, don't charge in expecting them to follow, because they'll just watch you die. At the start of games be close enough to have shots on a cap, but not so close that you can't disengage if necessary. Then read the situation. If the reds are pushing hard, then it's best to fight a retreat. But if your team is pushing, then get up front and lead the charge. Just don't get to far in front. If they take out the DD, but there's still a cruiser, go in a bully him off, but don't overextend trying to chase him. Basically, roll with the team. If you try to solo a cap, you'll die. You need to be the front of a push, but it's easy to turn that into a YOLO. Learning the difference between being part of a push and yoloing is the difference in being a good BB. Also, sometimes you just need to hold down a flank. BBs are presences. A single BB on a flank can prevent a push. Similarly if you're sitting on a cap, their cruisers can't push in and support DDs. The scariest thing in WOWS is an unchecked cruiser, the DPM will just rip everything apart. BBs hold the cruisers down, if appropriately positioned.

Positioning is the key in a BB, more so than any other ship class. Anyone can do OK in a BB. But doing really well is much more subtle. Learn where you need to be to most hinder the enemy. It's really something that has to come with practice. Think where you can be that supports a good part of the map (map control is key), allows you to push if required, but at the same covers your flanks, doesn't make you an isolated target, and ideally has a route to disengage. Like I said, this comes with practice. Read the minimap, see where the red ships are going, where the green ships are going, where the torpedoes are going to come from, where you can be to stop the enemy push. BB playing required big picture thinking.

Also, you play cruisers and DDs. Think what BBs do that really annoy you. Think how the red DD or CL is, what he wants to do, what he wants you to do. Then make his life infuriating. Also think what your DDs and CLs need. If you were them, where would you want the BB to be? Other ship experience is very useful. Remember, you only fire once every 30 sec. So it's more the threat of being deleted rather than the actual deletion which is your effect on the red team. If their cruiser can't support a flank for fear of you blapping them, that means your job's been done. And if you had to make a few examples to get the point across, even better.

Now the German BBs are user friendly, but they're best at close range brawling which often isn't an option at high tier. So it can take a bit more to make them work. You might try a more rounded BB line like the USN, IJN, or French. That way you're more effective at mid range.

BBs are a subtle class, doing well requires good positioning. Positioning is the hardest thing to learn, and really only comes with practice. You don't have a huge number of battles, so you still have a ways to go. Find a BB that you're comfortable in, and play it a lot. You'll learn which positions are the best, when to push, when to retreat, when to hold, and the other subtleties that make the difference between average and good BB play.


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