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Armistice Day!

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31 minutes ago, BrushWolf said:

The WWII vets are going fast too.

When I was working at a VA hospital in the early 80s, a patient was admitted from a nursing home who was a veteran of the Spanish-American War. Unfortunately, he was too old and senile to know what was going on around him. It would have been amazing to have visited with him.

When I was a kid there were several WWI veterans in town and nearly every adult male was a veteran because of the draft. One WWI vet was the grandpa of a classmate of mine and would take us kids out fishing every chance he got. Every Nov 11th he would march in the Veteran's Day parade with the WWII and Korean War vets. I don't think that there are even any WWII vets left in town as the last one is now in a nursing home in the next town. Dad is one of the few older veterans left. He served in the Korean War era though he was stationed in Germany for the most part.

Very few people from this town have served since the draft was abolished. I only know of a handful, including myself. There are no more Veteran's Day parades either.

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