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Harekaze is back- worth it?

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 Meh.  2/3 hulls are useless...the hp on her is terrible.  AA is ok.  Concealment ok, but nothing you can’t get elsewhere.  Aki guns are ok but not super useable given the range and low hp pool. There’s very little redeeming qualities to her.  Fun to play?  Sure I guess...but she doesn’t feel unique in a positive way.  Worth the $50+...Hard no.


It needs more hp due to the heavy radar, CV and new gun boat meta.  The A and C hulls need to have a reason to use them.  Hull options that are obviously inferior to the B Hull are not options at all.  I disagree with mouse in saying it has aged well.   A solid example of “Power Creep.”

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Used to be one of my best and favorite ships before I took about a half year hiatus. Now she's just damn near unusable. Never can win engagements with any other destroyers, torps never hit anything despite using torp reloads and they're at 10km range; I hit more with Smith torps even.

She's simply depressing to use now and I nearly always die first with it.

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