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Lexington VS. Enterprise?

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Where does each outshine the other? Is there much difference? I haven't played the Lex in quite some time and remember it being very strong but that was post CV palooza but somewhere in between twerking and toying with CV's as they stand today. Can the same captain be used in both or does each focus on different planes?

For any CV diehards, I thank you in advance! 

Midway... back in the day....

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You can sum it up to say Lexington generally has better planes (faster, tougher and better ordinance).  Enterprise generally has more of them and regenerates faster. As a caveat, they are weaker than Lex's but not THAT much weaker. Not like Kaga's anyway. 

Key Differences: 

Attack planes - Lexington has 2 options. She can either equip hers to fire a small number of Tiny Tims (8" rockets), or a larger number of HVARs (5" rockets). I think she has squadrons of 8 and attacks with 2 planes per flight. Enterprise's use only FVARS which are a weaker version of the HVARs but she has a group of 12 and attacks  with 3 planes per wave. The planes individually are weaker and don't hit as hard, but it is more than counterbalanced by numbers. 

TBs - Lexington and Enterprise both attack with flights of 3 with 9 total in a squadron. I think Lex's planes are better and faster. Enterprise's have a much shorter launch distance and stabilize faster. I believe Lex does more damage, but Enterprise's are easier to use and more replaceable if lost. 

DBs - Lex fields squadrons of 9, and attacks with flights of 3, each plane of which drop 2 bombs, but they are HE. Enterprise uses the same numbers but attacks with AP bombs. As with the TBs Lex's DBs are faster. Lexington plays the long game with lighting fires and burning them out. They are nasty on DDs and pretty much any ship other than another CV. Enterprise goes for alpha damage. She can citadel all cruisers in her tier range and quite a few battleships, but they are almost useless against DDs. Unlike most of the AP DBs Enterprise drops a lot of bombs and they are pretty accurate. 


The big hidden differences are:

Plane Regen - Enterprise is noticeably faster. She makes up for weaker, slower planes with faster regen.

Fighter Consumable  - Enterprise's consumable is significantly more powerful that Lexington. In fact it is the most powerful in the game. The coverage area is massive compared to other CVs and I think it contains 12 fighters. This basically means it will kill up to 12 attacking aircraft and can even negate strikes from Kaga and the T10 CVs. I don't remember how many fighters Lex has in its consumable but it isn't as many and the coverage is nowhere near as big. 


Personally, I prefer Enterprise. I think she ends up better off with her faster regen, bigger attack group, AP bombers, and huge fighter consumable. Lex is no slouch though. Against DDs she is definitely better.  


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You can look Lexington and Enterprise up here in the fitting tool.


Enterprise's best strengths:

+ Very good Aircraft Restoration Time

+ AP Dive Bomber access which can punish the bigger, thicker High Tier CAs and German & RU Battleships quite well.  AP Citadel Damage is critical damage as Repair Party heals so little of it back.  There's debate also which has the best AP Dive Bomber attack in the game.  Tier X Hakuryu or Tier VIII Premium Enterprise.  Hak drops powerful bombs but Big-E drops more.  Interestingly, with people complaining about facing RU BBs, AP Dive Bombers are one of the best answers against them, and at Tier VIII, Enterprise can face LOTS of them, from Tier VI all the way to Tier X, and Citadel the sh*t out of all of them.

But to be clear, AP DBs aren't all sunshine.  AP Bombs can get bounced, overpens, etc.  Combine that with RNG saying "Screw you, you miss" as with all other DB attacks, getting overpens and bounces on top of that is frustrating.

Still, being able to drop 6 bombs is better odds for hitting than what Shokaku gets with her AP DBs, only 3, which can troll the sh*t out of her users badly.

+ Her rocket fighters use FFARs which only have 27mm HE Pen but at least she can throw out 18 max rockets per attack flight.  While these are weaker than Lexington's better HVAR or Tiny Tim rocket options and Corsairs, Enterprise's Hellcats while not flying as fast as Corsairs, turn better.  This has been nice against Destroyers as you'll see them in the last second.  The Hellcats can quickly cut speed, turn, and try to conduct a rocket attack in short time while the faster flying Corsairs can't, and will fly over the DD and having to line another run.


Lexington's best strengths:

+ Faster flying Corsairs.

+ 2 rocket options and both are very good, and among the best in the game, especially for Tier VIII. 

She can opt for the HVARs which have higher velocity than the FFARs of Enterprise.  They also have 32mm HE Pen, a lot better across more targets than the weaker FFARs, especially against Battleships in High Tier (RN & FR BBs have 32mm decks there, they're prime real estate).  Each attack flight can throw out a max of 24 effective HVAR rockets.  These are good, all purpose, high pen HE rockets.  Then there's the Tiny Tims.  You only throw out a max of 6 rockets per attack flight, but these are large rockets that hit hard, have fantastic 68mm HE Pen, and a very high 33% fire chance.  The Tiny Times are more ideal for larger, heavily armored targets.  ALL Battleships are vulnerable to Tiny Tim Rockets.  The issue with Tiny Tims are that the 6 max rockets can troll you against DDs.  You can miss them entirely, but if any hit, the DD will feel every hit as they do great damage.

+ HE Dive Bombers only, can't use AP Bombs like she did before the CV Rework.  But the HE DBs are general purpose, they'll work well against anything provided you hit.  They have good 52mm HE Pen, so most BB targets are viable targets across more areas.  Fire chance is good at 52%. 


While Lexington isn't going to delete ships without AP Dive Bombers the way Enterprise does, her excellent Fire stacking is a threat to anyone.  The Tiny Tims fire attacks combined with her HE DBs can be dangerous, made worse if she can land a Flood effect with the TBs.


Both have pretty close TB capability.  They both drop 3 torpedoes max for an attack flight and they have the exact same torpedo stats.


Both are solid.  Lexington you can get for free because she's a Tech Tree ship, and IMO, the standard all other Tier VIII CVs need to be compared against.  Enterprise is a Premium CV and WG pulled her from the store again.  Enterprise users dominated in Tier VIII Ranked.

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Had to edit the part about the number of rockets Enterprise can fire off, I originally said 24 but in looking at things again, it's 18.
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Enterprise has the highest AP bomb alpha in the game, bar none, but they also aren't the best at actually penning. Lexington has lovely HE bombs, but Midway does it better.

Enterprise and Lexington basically share torps. Triple launches, and nasty ones at that. Both are arguably better than Midway's nerfed ones unless you land all 6, and even then good luck doing a second fully aimed attack with Midway.

Enterprise has nasty rockets, but per salvo fires less than Lexington. Enterprise has 4 attacks compared to 3, however.

Enterprise regens planes super fast.

Enterprise planes are a little slower, but this also makes her torps super easy to follow up with, as they turn tighter.

Edit: Ohh, right. Enterprise also has flimsier planes, not that I ever notice. Enterprise's AP bombs also don't regen faster than Lexington's HE bombs.

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