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This is a subject always used but often not talked about.



This is actually one of my favourite things to do. It indirectly/directly affects each and every clan in WoW's. From the top to the bottom, and every one in between. Some clans post here in the forums advertising, some recruit in game after seeing stand out performances. Some clans reputation proceeds them and that alone keeps requests coming in. Personally I  enjoy it and always look for opportunities to reach out to possible recruits. Right before and during Clan Battle season is always a good opportunity to seek new recruits.

Depending on your clan whether competitive, casual, or a mix. It's wise to lay out your clans rules and requirements up front so new recruits are informed what they are signing on for. We've been blessed with having really good captains join us.

Do you enjoy recruiting? Do you constantly look for opportunities to reach out to possible new members? It can be a rewarding challenge for sure.

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