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Clan Brawl + Twilight Battles = New Naval Battle Mode

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Let's combine these three elements into the best game mode ever.

Using the mechanics of Clan Brawl each team is made up of 3 players from a clan.

Twilight Battles mechanics used would be the resource gathering, the portal warp out, and the player inspired truce system.

Instead of fighting for filth, players gather coal and oil from sinking bots. Basically your gathering for the clan treasury from the engine rooms of your enemy per say. Now the game plays out just like twilight battles but consisting of clan based teams. The total amount of resources on the map is limited just like filth.

Now clans could get a new communications building where their reputation is tracked. Based on a clans reputation they receive a small buff  of sorts just like all other buildings.

Clan Reputation:

Negative reputation would lead to a clan being labeled "pirates" or something. They would gather more "booty" and their sneaky captians would get a bonus to training.

+5% to resource gathering (coal and oil)

+5% to captian experience

Positive Reputation would lead to a clan being labeled with some for of appropriate name. Thier honest work effort and team work would lead to a free experince bonus and credit bonus.

+5% to credit income

+5$ to free experience

Neutral reputation could lead to minimal bonuses in all areas or something similiar.

Clan Politics:

A clans reputation in game, amongst players would now mean something aside from KoTs participation.

Perhaps my clan would be known for working well with other teams to maximize each clans gain from bot farming. However, (insert clan name) constantly sinks other players and steals their loot. That clan cannot be trusted amongst clans and should be fired at on sight while my clan is well respected amongst its peers.

You would have to imagine the grudge matches that could ensue in player held tournaments now. Let's say [07] nukes [Cuter] at the portal and takes all their coal and oil. Now those players have a grudge and challenge each other in a mini tournament. (I used Cuter and 07 due to KoTs being the only potential for a grudge match). This creates a more interesting aspect for tournaments held by players in training rooms and will make for some great twitch/youtube viewing.


I think it could work and wouldnt take much effort other than creating a clan karma system and reworking two modes that already really exist. Naval battles now are unengaging and sort of pointless, so why not replace them with something like this.

@SeaRaptor00 @Mejash @Femennenly

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1 hour ago, DolphinPrincess said:

The "grudge" match would need to be skill based, cause grudges happen between blunicums and super unicums (and trust me, the difference in skill between a blunicum or a uniSCUM is greater than that between a unicum and a potato)

Out of curiosity, how exactly would you define blunicum and uniSCUM? First time I have encountered these terms. 

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1 hour ago, Skuggsja said:

players gather coal and oil

Seems like a good way to get thousands upon thousands of coal very quickly. A new currency would be needed.

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5 hours ago, DolphinPrincess said:

Blunicum origins from the blue colored PR just before unicum. This is also where the big gap is that bridges good players from unicum players.

Cyan colored "Great" players are often steorotyped to be the most toxic, as in they believe they are much better above the average playerbase and that every death/defeat is the fault of their allies.

Blunicums are the kind of players that instead of thinking "What could I have done better? What could a unicum do to carry", they would instead think "If only our BBs pushed, if my team just spotted for me, if our CV isn't so bad at the game"

uniScums are purple colored players that do not belong in the purple colored skill level. They are basically the people who game the PR system to artificially inflate their rating above and beyond their skill. Such methods include, but are not limited to:

  •  Spamming PR ships
  •  Anchor div
  •  Triple farm div
  •  Seal clubbing
  •  Hosho abuse

uniScums feast on the weak and hide from the strong. They are easily seen thru by top clan recruiters, and mostly hang around 3rd and 4th rate clans 

Interesting, so one is due to bad attitude and blaming others for their faults and other is purposely using the system to make themselves appear what they aren't. I'm a decent player who could probably be unicum if I wanted to but rarely play Random battles anymore unless I am really required to.

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9 hours ago, DolphinPrincess said:

There is some misunderstandings I have to clear up

  • Most of the unicums from top clans decide to shoot other players because its our way of having fun. We arent there for the rewards, clan wars/ranked/randoms gives us more resources than we would ever need and most of us have billions (literally) of credits and tens of millions of free exp that we would never need anything worthy that filth can purchase

So you hurt others and destroy their fun and hard work and waste their time... to get a resource you most emphatically don't need, for the sheer a$$ho of it.


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22 minutes ago, DolphinPrincess said:

Now you know how unicum players felt for the past 2 years.

We watched hopelessly as the potatoes slowly ruined the game,our fun, our hard work, and our time.

We had 1 event (which will last a month at most) to get back at you, and you complain about this?

So average-to-good players "harm the game" by existing, and that justifies petty revenge?

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