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Get Tactical.. making Italian cruiser work for the team

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First thought..  Italian cruiser smoke... travelling smoke, Italian cruiser can move at flank speed..


Second thought:  Most DD's are right about the same speed as Italian CA's  so DD, find a friendly Italian CA.. get right very close behind them and on the inboard side from the enemy and pace with them while they streams smoke and give you both cover all the way into a cap.  Your smoke will cover him once you get there so he can get his large fragile self out! IT. CA's have torps so let him put his out first and make sure he's the outboard ship.  As long as you stay within a ships length you'll be protected by his smoke.

His guns with SAP are frighteningly effective against DD's and his very presence may be sufficient to run OPFOR  DD's off if he's supported.

I've tried this a few times.. works very well...surprised I haven't seen anyone mention it on the forums.. though I might have just missed it.


Warlord sends

Attached Screen of current record with Genova..   Tactics COUNT!

Genova 1.jpg

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