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Kronsh - All Overpens, All Day Long

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Since release, Kronshtadt was known to have very wonky dispersion, so that's part of the problem. Thing is, back when it was released there were overall less overpens in the game than there are now (the same patch that removed BB AP pen on destroyers also seems to have increased the chance of overpens on everything else). But even back then, the high velocity of Kronshtadt's guns and its lack of an improved fuse time unlike its tier 10 sister Stalingrad means it always got a lot of overpens on lightly armored targets. The flip side of this is that it has enough penetration to citadel heavily armored targets like battleships and heavy cruisers.

I wouldn't recommend using only HE because it's not that reliable and it's not as good as the HE of Alaska or Azuma/Yoshino. Just use HE on bow in targets, AP on everything else and hope RNGesus favors you.

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