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What if; Leyte Gulf - 14th - 21st

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Captains and Commanders! Do I have a challenge for you!

With the anniversary of the Battle of Leyte Gulf around the corner, we want to see your alternative histories, so...

We would like to invite you to write history in either a USN, IJN or Commonwealth ship, who were all participants in the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

Between the October 14th 12:00 UTC and 21st 12:00 UTC, earn a victory in any USN, IJN or Commonwealth ship in Random / Co-op  then share a screenshot of your post-battle results like so: 



Random Draw: 

  • Three randomly selected winners will receive:
    • Their choice of an Up-to T7 (currently available) USN/CWM/IJN Premiu

Bonus Round: 

  • Anyone who submits a valid entry within the period will receive:
    • 5x Stars n' Stripes Camos
  • Cool 7

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image.thumb.png.c7e2cd18effb81c3708641e316248474.pngNot the best but at the same time, a win with an AFK midway for entire game was quite the plot twist!

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