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WG: Need a premium ship doub trade-in system

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Can we get a system in-place to trade in a premium for ~1%/wk depreciation value in the currency we bought it with, with the exception of money (doubs / FXP / etc)?  Can we invoke lemon laws?  Thanks.

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Another way to go about it would be to allow trade ins towards the purchase of another premium (equal or higher tier) and give a percentage of the value of the traded in ship towards the purchase price in doubloons. 

Say, trading in the tier 5 ship with a 5,000 doubloon value towards the purchase of a tier 7 with a 7,500 doubloon value might give a 50% credit for the trade in (2,500) making the out of pocket cost for the tier 7 ship 5,000 after trade in.

If I remember correctly WoT does this, or something very similar, already.

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It'll never happen. WG want people to buy MORE doubloons, or grind more in the game for fxp/coal/steel/points/whatever currency. The first is good for their pockets like it or not. The second is good for the health of the game. Being able to trade in unwanted premiums for doubloons or whatever game currency would naturally mean people buying/grinding less.

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They do this on WoT from time to time, and allow people to exchange premiums for others acting as a discount.

I'd actually prefer this with camos though. I dont need a batwing steam pink Kagero camo but I'd take a regular one.

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