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Fuel: as a way to balance CV's

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22 minutes ago, ScoobsTank said:

Who said I team killed anybody?

You did...see below. You do damage to your own CV, merely because you 'don't like griefing'.

36 minutes ago, ScoobsTank said:

You are right I dont like griefing.Its why I dont play wot anymore and why I overall do far more damage to to the cv on my team then on the other.

According to the legal documentation you signed to play this game:

The following actions (and similar actions) are prohibited in game:

5.01. Intentionally damaging ships belonging to a player on the same team (team damage).

You are in violation of the above inappropriate conduct in game. You are not allowing fair play to proceed.

Not my definitions, or yours...but WarGamings, the owner of this game.

27 minutes ago, ScoobsTank said:

I can see where being proved wrong in every one of your scenarios is getting...better call for help.


I'm calling for help because you are trolling the thread, and me.

28 minutes ago, ScoobsTank said:

You play to grief people, and think its an honor to be a griefer. I can see why your moral compass would be a little off.

I consider the intent behind this (and other statements) to be personal attacks and abuse. At the very least it is harassment and defamatory remarks.

I expect that the moderation staff will address your failure to abide by the etiquette rules of the forum.

30 minutes ago, ScoobsTank said:

So you never did say why you think zero risk should ever = reward in a game based on skill.

Actually, I did. I stated that this question should be asked to War Gaming, since it is their game...not mine.

Address this concern to WG staff.

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If you want CVs to "get balanced".
May I suggest starting small.
Something like buying a Hosho, for 1 mil credits.
Getting good with it's torpedo planes. (50 knot air dropped torps, yes 2 of them at tier 4)
... and "Generate Data" for the "Balance Spread Sheet"  ( in other words go club baby seals )

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Beta Testers
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Here is what I find funny about this;


112 post but no battle, yet he has Beta Tester tag, which suggest to me he has a second account as a minimum and does not want his/her name known

I still think is a Troll with no real stake in the game and is more like a dog with a bone, he won't let go until the bone is gone.  In the military, he is what we use to call an Oxygen Thief.  Dude you should run for office somewhere on the Democratic ticket, you have spewing the same garbage over and over down to a science, you would fit in so well there.  Because by the sound of things in this forum, you don't fit very well in this game.  Your toxic lever is higher than;


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