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Steering lock

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Have had this happen 3 times in last two days. Cruising along., no damage and steering locks up, ship won't turn. Just goes straight. Makes me a big easy target. Have to hit escape and go back in to regain control which usually means I have taken massive damage in the meantime or sent back to port. Also had a few times where the ship turns on its own, with no input from me. Usually when close to islands, like its trying to avoid them for me though usually I'm trying to hug the island. Acts like a self driving car. Have had these happen using Exeter and Leander.

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Couple troubleshooting issues...


Rudder destroyed? If your rudder is destroyed you rudder gets locked in place.

Using the Q/E keys instead of A/D? They toggle the rudder

Sticky keyboard? 

Autopilot and collision avoidance turned off? They can make your rider move without input. 

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