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Haven't Played in 2 Years. What did I miss?

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Started playing the game when it was still in Open Beta. Stopped playing about 2 years ago, right around the time French BB's were added. I've decided to return to check out the CV rework and Subs. (Which "Are never going to be in the game" - WG when they released the game)


Anyway, what major gameplay changes have I missed out on? What new lines have been added and what are their overarching characteristics? (Ya know, every nation has to have it's flavor, or gimmick, or whatever)

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I returned to WoWS a few months ago after a year away from the game, and to be honest BASIC gameplay is not all that different from what it was when I left.

A few mechanics might have changed a little(i think smoke mechanics changed in last 2 years...i.e. you cant park BB in smoke and fire unspotted), and lots of new ships have appeared, but it all felt pretty familiar and comfortable when I returned.

Of course CVs changed big time, if you play them it's a different story.

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