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The Case For HMS Ultor (P53) And Captain George Edward Hunt

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Submarines In WOWS

With the official arrival of Submarines in WOWS all be it in the test server I plan to do a number of posts on them some on ships and or Commanders or my vision of how WG should design them as I see feed back from testers and of course the obligatory salt throwing at the anti Sub crowd of course all in the spirit of gentlemen rivalry.

A rivalry which has been around since this games inception, for those new to the game and may not be up to speed there is a battle within battle here at WOWS the BBbabies V the DDmafia  are the main factions, though a case could be said for the rise of HE spammers and the sky cancer which are now flexing there muscles.

But now the enemy of my enemy is my friend as all stand together in one common cause, the attempted extermination of the underwater menace.

But rather than fire a spread from my stern tubes I intend to start with a post for a ship and its Commander as a premium when Subs go live.

HMS Ultar

This ship launched in October 1942 a U-class submarine from the part of the third group of the class.


During the Second World War, Ultor operated in the Mediterranean Sea, where she sank the French ship Penerf, the Italian auxiliary minesweeper No.92/Tullio, the Italian merchant Valfiorita, the Italian torpedo boat Lince, the German merchant Aversa (the former Greek Kakoulima), the German sailing vessel Paule, the German guardvessel FCi 01, the German patrol vessel SG-11 (the former French Alice Robert), the German tug Cebre, the German tankers Felix 1 and Tempo 3 (the former Greek Pallas), the German auxiliary patrol vessel Vinotra III and the German auxiliary submarine chaser UJ 2211/Hardy. Ultor also sank nine sailing vessels in the Mediterranean.

Ultor also unsuccessfully attacked the German-controlled French merchant Condé and the former Danish, German merchant Nicoline Maersk, the German auxiliary minelayer Niedersachsen and the German netlayer NT 38. She also damaged a French fishing vessel and torpedoed and damaged the German (former French) tanker Champagne. The damaged tanker was beached and later torpedoed again by HMS Uproar.

By 19 October 1943, when Aversa was sunk, Ultor had fired 68 torpedoes of which 32 were hits (47%), the highest proportion of hits made by any submarine commander up to that time. At this time she was under the command of George Hunt.

Image result for hms ultor HMS ULTOR Badge-1-.jpg

Ship statistics


Surfaced - 540 tons standard, 630 tons full load

Submerged - 730 tons


11.25 knots (20.8 km/h) max surfaced

10 knots (19 km/h) max submerged



4 bow internal 21 inch (533 mm) torpedo tubes - 8 - 10 torpedoes

1 - 3-inch (76 mm) gun


George Hunt

Captain George Edward Hunt, DSO & Bar, DSC & Bar (4 July 1916 – 16 August 2011) was a highly decorated Royal Navy submarine commander during the Second World War. While commanding HMS Ultor, he became the British submarine commander with the greatest number of sinkings of enemy vessels to his name Of the 68 torpedoes Hunt fired, 47% hit their targets.

Service in submarines

During the Second World War, Hunt served in the submarines HMS Unity as navigation and signals officer, HMS H31 as first lieutenant, the Dutch submarine HNLMS O 10 as liaison officer, HMS Urchin as first lieutenant while under construction then as liaison officer when she commissioned under Polish command as the ORP Sokół, HMS Proteus as first lieutenant, HMS H33 as captain, HMS H50 as captain, HMS Ultor as captain and HMS Taku as captain.

Most sinkings

 It was during his service as captain of the submarine Ultor that he achieved the record of sinking the highest number of ships sunk by any British submarine during the war. During her seventeen patrols, Ultor sank or destroyed over 50,000 tons of Axis shipping. Admiralty records of 5 September 1944 show 20 vessels sunk, two damaged by torpedo, and 10 sunk by gunfire (including one destroyed on the stocks), giving a total of 30 vessels sunk and two damaged. In addition, Ultor took part in one bombardment, one beach-marking and one special operation. In achieving this record, Ultor carried out 27 torpedo attacks, of which 23 were successful, a success rate of 85.2 per cent. She fired 68 torpedoes, of which 32 were hits (plus two possibilities), a success rate of 47 per cent, which was the highest rate of any British submarine.

Counting his time in other submarines, Hunt carried out 32 patrols.

While serving at the Staff College in Greenwich in 1945, Hunt was honoured to be one of two submariners selected by the Admiralty to have their portraits painted for the War Artists' Advisory Committee by the celebrated Official War Artist Anthony Devas. The portrait remains on display in the Imperial War Museum.


Image result for george hunt captain 

After retiring from the Royal Navy, Hunt emigrated to Australia, settling in Queensland, where he joined the diplomatic service in Brisbane and became a member of the British High Commission, retiring in 1976 at the age of 60.

Died16 August 2011(2011-08-16) (aged 95)
Brisbane, Australia

A worthy Captain and ship for this game.


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nice post tm!


For WOWS, I look forward to your future OP about HMS Tally Ho,.


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I've always favoured Unbroken and Alistair Mars, but I'd take this pair as well - a list of sinkings as long as your arm.

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The hit rate and number of sinkings are impressive, and having a publicly available captain image like that one probably helps as WG seems to like a nice portrait.

My candidates would be -

Under the captaincy of Malcolm Wanklyn VC, Upholder accounted for the greatest tonnage of any RN submarine in WWII - 93,031 GRT sunk including two Italian submarines (Tricheco and Ammiraglio Saint Bon) an Italian destroyer, Libeccio (though while that ship was engaged in rescue work - this might count against strongly, and Miers/HMS Torbay would be in the same camp) and three large troop ships.

Another VC captain, John Linton, certainly a high scorer if not as high as Upholder.

Tally Ho
Coolest name ever. Accounted for a Japanese cruiser, Kuma and German submarine.

Sank two U-boats, including U-864 while both ships remained submerged throughout, a historic first and only.


I've been looking at submarine attack ranges recently, I was kind of interested to see how the claims that the K-21 attack on Tirpitz was at long range (est. 3,400-4,000 yd) but it deally doesn't seem to have been remarkably long by some standards. The list of major combatants hit by RN submarines - (d) indicates damaged - the range, broadside and escorts are outlined below.



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