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Is this the same gun on the upcoming Ohio?

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Is this the gun it's using?


2600 Foot/Second (ft/s) = 792.48 Meter/Second (m/s)



Shouldn't the belt logic for US shops means it would get an upgrade to take on the penetration caliber of the guns it uses? IE, raised to 457. That would justify the lower speed. You could even lower it a bit.


When the Washington Naval Treaty was signed in 1922, the 18-inch gun was approximately 50% completed. A decision had to be made as to whether it should be finished as designed or converted to a special 16-inch test gun of 56-caliber length. An earlier 16"/56 design existed so there was already an interest in testing a 16-inch gun of this length. A letter dated 8 April 1922 stated the Bureau of Ordnance had approved the cost estimate to convert this gun to a 16"/56 caliber gun ($20,000). The resulting new gun was designated the 16-inch 56-Caliber Type Gun No. 201. Later documents refer to this gun as the 16-inch Gun Mark IV No. 201.


The maximum range of the 16-inch Mark IV gun would have been about 52,000 yards, and no other gun ever fired at Dahlgren could have out-ranged the 16"/56. = 47.5488 kilometers.

So could we get this range on ships but with a loss of accuracy making it infeasible?(You could also make them more accurate at close range making up for the weakness compared to CC's)Realistic ranges would make BB's a lot more fearsome. Even with the range spot mechanics. It would make it more useful to scout with DD's and use radar ships. I don't get why range matters when you can adjust things like dispersion. It would give battleships more purpose and could make them much more dangerous without increasing damage. Or is dispersion realistic and the ability to fire more controlled volleys(choose which guns fire) is reducing the natural ability of the ships?!

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