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New captain skill: Damaged Abort

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What this skill would do is cause any aircraft reaching "red" health (33%) to have a 50% chance of breaking off and returning to the carrier, as if the player had pressed F for that aircraft alone.  The aircraft would operate under the standard rules for returning aircraft, that is it would still be vulnerable to AA/flak/fighters (as well as spot ships) for the time it takes to reach altitude.  Multiple aircraft returning at the same time (e.g. you flew into a flak burst) would do so individually.

What I think this would result in:

  • Aircraft losses would decrease - the returning aircraft would likely not be targeted on account of the main squad still being present.
  • Squad loiter time would decrease - the squad would "lose" aircraft approximately one-sixth faster.
  • Strike inaccuracy would increase slightly - the squad would be rotating in new aircraft (to replace losses) more frequently.

Thoughts, comments?

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DIdn't Ichase made the "Flying SHimakazie" video to eliminate the F key CV function ? (along with torp DMG and flod DMG)...

SO what now, we want it back ?

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