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Captain training question

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This subject is the most confusing to me.  SO I got the Shiny horse.  It came with w 3pnt.  I bought a 10pnt with dubs and put him in her and the original Capt sits in reserve.  I see him there with his gold wreath doing nothing.  Was it a mistake to move him?  Do the original Premium Commanders rank faster?  Have anything special?  I've already got the new guy up to 13pnts.  Should I put the original one back in and just suffer through the grind?? 

Any positive input is appreciated as always.  Leaving for a meeting so I may be a while responding.

Col Out

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All captains train the same. The gold wreath just means he specializes in Scharnhorst. You can not retrain captains to premium ships as they transfer with no penalty, so the only way to get one is to buy it. It means nothing, but I assume it looks really weird (I never pay attention to it)


You definitely were right to throw a 10 point captain on it. They just bundle 3 point captains so people starting from scratch don't have to shell out any extra doubloons for a decent head start

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No a captain bought along with a premium ship has no special qualities other than the skill points you buy when you get them. If you put that 3 pt captain in any tech tree ship retraining will be required but he can be put into any German premium ship with out retraining.

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