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[ALL] Amagiri Kantai Collection Voiceover

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Amagiri Kantai Collection Voiceover


"I'm the 5th ship of the Ayanami-class destroyer, Amagiri! Yeah, a heavily armed special type destroyer!
I survived many strategically vital night missions during the Solomon Islands campaign! Yep, I even helped to elevate a handsome man who later became the President! Fate sure is interesting!"



Amagiri is depicted as a foil to Sagiri, being outspoken, extremely lively and active and shows lots of enthusiasm. She shows great faith in her Commander/Admiral and states that they will become a great person one day, and believes in fate, saying that it is interesting.




  • Amagiri is best known in history as the ship that rammed the US Navy motor torpedo boat PT-109 on August 2, 1943, splitting the smaller torpedo boat in half and capsizing it. The PT-109 is notable for its captain, Lieutenant Junior Grade John F. Kennedy, who would become President of the United States nearly two decades later. The captain of the Amagiri at the time of the incident, Lieutenant Commander Kohei Hanami, would later attend Kennedy's Presidential Inauguration in 1961.
  • Said incident has been widely publicized in various forms of media, including a book, a movie, and a hit song by American country singer Jimmy Dean. One verse of said song, "the Jap destroyer in the night, cut the 109 in two", makes reference to Amagiri, which makes her likely the only ever Japanese ship to ever be mentioned in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 charts.
  • Lost to a mine in the Strait of Makassar in April 1944.
  • Wreck discovered by Captain Vidar Skoglie of MV EMPRESS in 2003.
  • Her latest incarnation lives on as an Asagiri class destroyer of the modern JMSDF








Now let's go to the link for the mod
Amagiri (0.9.x) ✔️




NPC_FinalBoss.png.ccc43db284b6931203237b7c718d24a7.pngHow to Install:

Extract and put folder into
All done works are listed below














*Another mod that I've been create



*Voicemod that I've been update (missing command/Voice) from other modder



*please give me cool react if you like it*

Good luck and fair seas

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