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Stupid Screen Saver keeps resetting to 15 minutes !! (Fix)

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powercfg /change monitor-timeout-ac 0

Put that command into a BAT file on your desktop and run it a couple minutes after you boot your PC.  Of course, you can repeatedly go through the system-settings-power control-blah-blah-blah stuff.

Something infected my PC a month or two ago, slowing Facebook startups and resetting my Monitor Shutdown to 15 minutes.

That's FREAKING ANNOYING when I'm watching a video, people.

Problem is that some sneaky program resets the time to 15 minutes, but it runs randomly within the first 2 minutes after startup...  So putting it in a 'startup' program assignment won't work.

As an electronics guy, I realize the screen saver was meant to prolong the life of CRTs by shutting down the monitor, thus saving the filaments in the picture tube....

----  Someone please tell me if this above function is relevant these days.

What it does now, is shut off the backlight in your LCD display.  What kills backlights?  Turning them on and off. 

These backlights don't take a whole lot of energy, but there is a power surge on the Inverter to light them up, and that can snap components.  SO IT'S NO LONGER A SCREEN SAVER.  It is a Screen Destroyer.

If you leave your LCD turned on 8 hours a day, it should last 20 years before the CCFL tube starts dimming down, or about 7 years constant use.  But the Inverter circuit that powers the screen can be damaged by heating up and cooling down a lot.  It stresses components, and connections as it physically expands and contracts.  Semiconductors are made of glass, and any tiny little fracture will cause failure.

Nowadays, it's a Security Function to blank out your screen if you walk away for too long without a keyboard entry..   Yeah..  that's about right in the important part of the Vid you are watching.

Some pinhead really didn't think this through.


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