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In the Market for Semi-Comp to Comp

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Hey ya'll.


I am in the market for another clan. However, must be semi-comp to comp. 


Clan must be:

-Very Active

-Have Discord or Teamspeak ( I have both )

-Competitive or Semi Competitive


I have 8 Tier 10's, Mostly Battleships, but I have Henri IV and Moskva, am working towards other cruisers.

Can play Clan Battles if you'll have me and be willing to work around my schedule.


I'm active most nights, I will let you know my work schedule upon meeting you if I poke you. (The Recruiter) but it's mostly open, I work Sunday and Monday nights (like 6 pm to 1 AM)


My NA Wows Numbers:



(My username is different then what it says in the link, if someone can help me fix that, that'd be appreciated)


Thanks for your time!


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NSWO presently has two openings available (48 members with 50 spots). Generally we are a casual group of players that is made up of mixed ages, and playing styles. Most of us have ships in T-10 with a few still working their way up to their first one (quick guess, 90% to 10%, probably less working toward 1st T-10). There are just enough of us that have reached retirement age that someone is online most times of the day. Also have a few players that are either working evening/nights or are in time zones so they play mostly what are overnight hours for me, US east coast.

Over the past several weeks those of us in the Command Group have been 'encouraging' members to be active in the Naval Battles each weekend, and this season of Clan Battles.

We have picked Thursdays and Sundays as 'active' nights for this Clan Battles season, although 95% of the time we have battles each night Clans are open. Might not all be there exactly at starting time, but we get there (on those 'off' nights).

Our Navy Base is nearing completion. One spot remains for Coal Port and Shipyard, but the next build will be our first spot in our Steel port (less then 1,000 oil needed for that).


Always looking to have new members that want to help out and be active while receiving the benefits from the Navy Yard we have built.



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We're always looking for people to join us in divisions and clan battles. We run discord and have a "farm" clan and a "competitive" clan. We regularly division between clans. Capco our farm clan is for those that don't want to play clan battles but want people to division with, or those not at t10 yet. Meg is our "competitive" clan where its expected to join in divisions and discord more regularly. Both our alpha and beta clan divisions got into storm struggle last season. We regularly have 2 divisions in CB's, we rotate out players every few games to ensure EVERYONE gets a chance to play. We are most active late afternoon/evenings EST.


We also encourage people to come check us out and division before joining us, just to see if we have similar personalities. Getting along and having fun is more important then winning to us. Check us out.



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Check us out at [ES]. I think we have what you're looking for. One caveat though is that your WoW stats profile doesn't show you as having played a tier 8 DD or CA/CL. Therefore, I can not guarantee you a clan battle spot in the current season since it looks like you'll be exclusively playing BB, of which there is only one per team.



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Tactical Gaming (TG) was created in November 2004 to bring together like-minded gamers from around the globe and provide them Head Quarters where they can share their backgrounds, experience, and interests in teamwork and tactics, as well as providing them with an environment that allows a “friends-first” experience in the online community. Our warships division is a small but growing part of our community that is out there to win fights and have fun. Here are some details about our clan.

·        We have highly active members who play nearly every day

·        We have long term members who have been in TG for years

.        We have a squad currently in gale league 

·        Tactical Gaming has a life first policy that does not require members to be present if life gets in the way but does require them to communicate.

·        We are active in clan battles

·        We play custom games in our practices that shake things up and make the game more interesting

·        We have a strong well tested system of leadership that allows excellent communication between members and staff.

·        We are always looking for new members who want to lead to rise up the ranks of our organization

Hang out with us on discord! https://discord.gg/TjuZKH6

If you would like to know more information or are interested in joining our merry band please go here http://www.tacticalgaming.net/hq/ Lastly if you have any questions feel free to friend me on steam you can also chat with me on discord. SullivanWorkshops#4763

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Hi there murdershy. I wanted to let you know that we are currently recruiting at YOLO and your post looks to be a good fit with us. 

Here's what we can offer you

  • Semi-competitive clan battle experience. We are currently storm 1 and looking at breaking into typhoon within a week. 
  • Drama free clan. I am very proud of the guys and gals we have here and personally have a blast playing with them. 
  • Active nightly divs. We range from east coast to west coast, so there is a span from 8pm to 1 am EST that you can reliably find div mates
  • Learning and teaching emphasis. We have roles within our clan that help teach newer players the ropes and answer any finetuning competitive questions that people may have. 
  • Off season for-fun events. Right now we are testing our upcoming event "Humans vs Zombies"
  • We work with our members to allow them to participate in a competitive clan but also have a real life outside of the game. 

If this sounds like something that interests you, feel free to message me in game, on our discord, or on the forums. Link to our discord is Here https://discord.gg/DAN3gyR. Link to our main clan recruitment page is here https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/188219-we-have-decided-to-come-clean/

Best of luck to you in your search! 


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We're a semi-comp clan with a very active base. We're reaching the point now where we can field 2 clan battle teams, and very easily field 1 CB team on CB nights (currently in Storm league). We consist of a higher than average age range and many of our regulars are retired/semi-retired. Plenty of veterans and non-veterans, we all like to give each other a hard time. Come check us out when you get a chance.  Tell them Spoon sent you. Pop in to our discord, you'll see anywhere from 4-8 of us on tonight talking about the update.


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