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Going Back to CV Hull While Still Flying Planes

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Link to video showing what I mean


Essentially, if you do a drop with any of the planes (tested with rockets, dive bombers and torpedoes, though the video only shows torpedo planes) AND hit the MAP button right after the ordnance drops, you'll go back to the Aircraft Carrier Hull, though you have no control at the ship itself and still only have true control over your planes. This can be done as many times as you have squadrons, and 'fixes' itself after you drop another wave of plane's ordnance without hitting the map key, pressing F to return planes to the ship, or running out of planes in the squadron.

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1 hour ago, FullMetal_Inferno said:

Sidenote: Can you actually torp yourself with your own planes?

Yes, and...

40 minutes ago, Porosus said:

You've always been able to torp yourself as a CV lol

...as Porosus said.

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