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[R.A.T]: The Recon Assault Team is Recruiting members

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Greetings, everyone! 

The Recon Assault Team is a community bound by teamwork and friendly relations.  We play a variety of games and have decided to spread our wings to World of Warships.  We are looking for active players who are familiar with the game and want to join an active and fun community.

Our Requirements:
1. Be willing to be active whenever possible (we aim to respect your privacy and personal life).
2. Be willing to use a mic, if you own a mic.  If you don't have a mic, then that is fine.
3. Be mature.
4. Follow all community rules and guidelines.
5. Represent our community with honor.
6. Always remember that this is a community for fun players and that we do not look for major skill.

The Recon Assault Team is also aiming to provide players with a more competitive sub-division of the group.  If you are looking to dominate and flex on other communities, then this is the place to start.

Our Requirements:
1. Be willing to work and cooperate with others, as we are a team!
2. Must have a mic to use for combat.  If you don't and still boast exceptional skill...then you will be fine, but we expect you to communicate A LOT.
3. Like above, you still must be mature.  We don't care how skilled you are.  If you are not mature, then we will not take you.
4. Must be respectful.  This ties in with being mature.  

Our Discord Channel is: https://discord.gg/xe9Dm9U
If you have any questions, contact me on Discord via my DMs (must send me a friends request, too): Lucario#9883


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