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NC and Richelieu

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Finally worked my way up to both of them. Wondering which modules and captain skills to pick. Any suggestions?

I'm wondering about getting the AFT skill and secondary battery mod for the North Carolina. But that would only increase my secondary range from 5km to 7km.

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A safe, general route for them is a Stealth / Survival Build with a focus on Main Battery for Richelieu.  USN BBs cannot slot ASM1 in Slot 3.






CE or FP, can't go wrong with either.

If you got 14pts, I'd get either CE or FP, the one you didn't get the first time around.


NC upgrades: MAM1 / DCSM1 / AAGM1 / DCSM2 / CSM1

You aren't speccing for Secondaries with tech tree USN BBs, they all got GARBAGE SECONDARIES.  Which is why I say to slot AAGM1 (You can't slot ASM1 on US BBs anyways).  You may try AA Build if you want, but BB Survival Builds are a safe, generic route.

DCSM2 is another option.  I know there's a preference by many to get SGM2 for that slot to help in Rudder Shift, but I switched out to DCSM2 on almost all my Battleships if I could (except Roma, Vanguard for example, they really need it).  DCSM2's benefits are always there and will hep with the inevitable Fires that land on you.


Richelieu I'd do the same way, but with the change of using ASM1 instead of AAGM1.  I discourage Secondary Spec on Richelieu despite the good range she gets in such a build.  There are several reasons why, experience I got from her when I first got her when the FR BB Line was new.

1.  The location of the secondaries are awful.  You have to show a lot of sides, or your stern to get lots of secondaries to fire.

2.  Range is good but the reload of the guns are very mediocre.

3.  The HE Penetration of the 100mm guns are AWFUL.  They can't even HE Pen the 19mm superstructure of High Tier BBs without IFHE.

I remember taking her out to a Secondary Spec and was very disappointed with the volume of fire, rate of fire of the secondaries.  Range was good to go, competitive with German BB Secondaries this tier, but volume and ROF suck.


Both ships can be pretty good in an AA Build though, but many here choose to eschew AA Builds altogether, so I'm offering up the generic route.  It's safe and will work regardless if there's a CV or not in the game, and there are fewer and fewer CVs in the game now.

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NC is not a great secondary ship. It's strength is its guns. It's aa isn't bad, but cvs are too rare nowadays to heavy spec it for aa. 

I'd build my NC captain with





Basically I want to stay alive as long as possible, being able to break detection. If expecting cvs, I'd probably switch BOS to BFT. For mods I'd go MAM1, DCSM1, AAGM1, DCSM2, CSM1. 

And honestly, I'd want the same thing out of my Richie, although an aa build on Richie was fun when there were more cvs. 

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Both Richie and NC probably work best with a standard BB survival build (most BBs do).


For captain skills, its pretty straightforward and uniform


The order doesn't really matter and varies from ship to ship (Richie does not need EM as much because everything is up front). The big one is SI, and probably CE as a second most important. Get those asap. I would pass on AFT for both, but if you are going to take the secondary mod in your slot 3 upgrade, you might as well take AFT somewhere (either drop FP or BoS and AR). I would not recommend this, but I know how fun secondaries can be. Plus, you might be double dipping a Massachusetts captain. I wouldn't know



For upgrades, the US gets a little bit weird, but things are also mostly standardized. 


Slot 1: Main armaments. You don't need to save your aa mounts, and as a BB detonations should be few and far between. Unless you have an excess of DCP mods to blow, MAM1 is probably the best

Slot 2: If you can spare it, the engine boost mod from the armory is totally worth it for any French BB. If not, DCSM1 for both ships.

Slot 3: Richlieu you want the Aiming Systems Mod 1, but since NC does not get that, you have to chose between Secondaries, AA, and range. Personal call, but I would not do secondaries for NC.

Slot 4: A tossup. The reduced fire time of DCSM2 is nice, but the propulsion or steering gears boost is nice as well! A personal preference, but in hindsight I do wish I ran Richelieu with the propulsion mod. 

Slot 5: Concealment. Always concealment

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