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Black Ideas! Camo & Torps

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I have the Black and your his camo is very simple Not have color scheme, if WG ADD colos as Balck  & orange, the torps are suck very slow for T9, better opcion is the MARK 16 from Fletcher, the destroyer SAMSON t2 HAS TORPS TOP SPEED 49K AND IS T2.  the black T9 top speed 43k very slower.



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Torpedo speed is only one stat that determines the strength of a torpedo. If you want to compare Fletcher's torpedoes to Black's, do so fully:

  Fletcher Black Black w TA
Alpha Damage 19,033 21,600 21,600
Torpedo Speed 66kn 43kn 48kn
Torpedo Range 10.5km 13.7km 11km
Torpedo Reload 106s 96s 96s
Torpedo Detection 1.4km 0.9km 0.9km

I took the liberty of adding the stats for Black with Torpedo Acceleration, since that skill is highly recommended on her. Note how Black always has a longer range and ~2,500 more Torpedo Alpha, as well as a ~10% less reload? Not even to mention the torpedo detection here which will give Black's torpedoes a shorter reaction time for the target (8.1s, 8s and 7.2s respectively).

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Black torps play the same as Sims with sea mines, except you actually hurt things you hit.  Don’t let the slow speed fool you, it’s very easy to drive into these torps.  You do need to mostly forget aiming torps at specific ships, even from close range they take forever to arrive.  Fortunately if build for max torp DPM you can really throw them out.

Camo wise what you really want is the special camo in the Arsenal for Black.  It probably is the best permanent camo in the game.  I’m screaming for one of these for my Neustrashimy right now.  The camo you see in port matches Flint another ranked reward ship.

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