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Conq Accuracy

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Out of mild curiosity, did Conqueror's 420mm guns receive a buff to their sigma? I ask this since I just had a game where all my shell groupings were incredibly tight (by what the standard of what I'm used to in the Conq) and I was just wondering if the repair party was the only thing buffed. Normally it seems that Conq competes with GK over which of them can spray shells over the greatest area, but today, I was thinking I was in my Colo given how accurate everything was. If they were buffed, I'm not going to register any complaints at present. Or maybe it was only the AP that got the accuracy buff, a little way of trolling the braindead HE-spammers.

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Nope, it was considered to buff the sigma to 1.9 but that was dropped. It remained at 1.8.

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