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Want to get senpai to notice you? Join the KOHAI clan today!

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New to World of Warships? Or are you a veteran of Wows and you want to improve your skills? Or even better, are you an adorable kohai who wants to make senpai notice you?

Welcome to Adorable Ramming Kohai aka KOHAI! We’re a group of senpai who strive to support our kohai in learning all the tips and tricks of how to kill stuff without dying. Our hopes and goals? That you can make senpai notice you and join their senpai clans!

Why would you join the KOHAI clan?

  1. We’ve got awesome perks including: (note all stats subject to rise)

    1. 14% off all ship costs

    2. 10% off servicing fees

    3. 2% extra XP

    4. 10% extra free XP

    5. 6% extra commander XP

    6. 5% extra coal

  2. We don’t trash you for making mistakes. Making mistakes is part of the process of growth and getting stronger.

  3. We have friends in high places. UCCMaster is friends with a lot of skilled people (including Notser and the RKN) and can recommend you to other skilled clans as you grow stronger.

  4. We are degenerative Weebs who love you and support you with all the adorable kawainess KOHAI can give you.

Because we are a beginner friendly clan, we have no base skill requirements other that you have world of warships and you play at least once a week with us. We also require that you have a growth mindset and be willing to listen to critiques and advice in order to grow further as a player.

As KOHAI we strike to make senpai notice us, whether that be screaming in chat, excessively bombing them, or chasing senpai down until they notice us.

If you or a friend is interested in growing stronger together, DM @UCCMaster and join the legions of adorable KOHAI as we make senpai notice us!



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Just want to bump the thread and say this is a solid group of people to hang out with. I joined back in August of 2019 and have been playing games with these guys since. We're always down to div or chat. Stop on by and say on the Discord, there's plenty of room all around.

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