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BUG: Not being able to see or target ships that should be visible

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Was in a battle and was being attacked by two cruisers. When the attack began they were in open water but behind a rock and I couldn't see them. This bit is fine but as I moved on I moved into a position where I should have been able to see and target them.

Unfortunately, I couldn't. I assume because the code recognised the low level rock that I could see over as being in the way.

This is bug that needs to be fixed and it's not only here that I've seen this.


Won't let me upload the Replays file :(


The map is tierra del fuego

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not a bug that mountain symbol to the right of your aiming reticle means your shot is obstructed as well as your LOS. The enemy ships are firing on you because you are spotted by one of their teammates. 

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