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Public Test - 0.8.7 - Round 3 - The Research Bureau

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Commanders, welcome to the Public Test of Update 0.8.7!

Read the Developer Bulletin and join the test!

Round 3 schedule

Starts: Thu. Aug. 15 8:00 AM PT / 5:00 AM PT

Ends: Mon. Aug. 19 11:30 AM ET / 8:30 AM PT

AA changes


We have changed the AA defense settings so that the differences between ships with various AA efficiencies at the same tier will become more significant compared to the previous test iteration, but still less significant than on the main server. The updated progression of aircraft and AA defense characteristics as ship tier rises will be maintained and will be similar to the first and second sessions of the Public Test.

Research Bureau

  • The number of research points obtained by resetting a branch is now equal to the settings for the main server;
  • The number of Tier X ships that are needed to access the Research Bureau has been increased from 2 to 5.

The Research Bureau is designed for experienced players in World of Warships. We think that players with only two Tier X ships should focus on new content by trying other ship types and exploring new branches.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused the autopilot not to turn the rudder when the route was set before the start of the battle;
  • Now only a bonus for a victory that awards research points is displayed in the tech tree;
  • Some minor fixes to the Marseille port lighting;
  • Fixed an error that made it impossible to change key bindings in a battle;
  • Fixed other bugs from the first and second session of the Public Test.

Action stations! Don't forget to share your feedback with us!


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