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When your Salt level gets too high.....take a break

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First battle of the night:  had an AFK Yugumo.  8 minutes into the battle, Already down three ships. He suddenly comes alive and chats out: 'Ok guys what is the plan?'


Second Battle: Started it after a short break. Epicenter.  FdG cuts in front of my ship. Slam it into reverse, but still clip back end of FdG. Have to play catch up with rest of team. FdG sails off east. Apparently, the FdG decided to play it as a sniper as he never entered the cap zones till the end. He was pretty much full health and hid behind islands while the rest of the team tanked and died. Somehow......carried off the win while the FdG seemed to play 'save my star'.shot-19_08.14_18_34.09-0721.thumb.jpg.53b2f45a6eebab6f874a3619ab7a77a6.jpgshot-19_08.14_18_34.24-0874.thumb.jpg.c6b0ee3f6f71a4707b339e3b203af041.jpgshot-19_08.14_18_34.39-0182.thumb.jpg.3ba4251bb633f2ab6b1510e4153a03af.jpg



Frustration level high. Going to find a beer.

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spelling- very frustrated at the moment

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Rank battle is more like a salt mine compare to random being a salt Mill

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