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When You Have Terribad Aim...

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But those secondary gunners are bros and got your back :cap_rambo:



It was an interesting game. T8-6, and I had spawned on the east flank with a Baltimore and a New Mexico. As usual, I told my flank that I was going to play aggressively and be the front line. Our flank became very important because it quickly became 3 vs 7 ships (thanks to CV spotting). I continue to push up as I begin trading shots with the enemy Yorck. Mass infamous accuracy makes sure I do not do much damage. I enter C in my Mass (only 1 DD per team and she was busy at A) when the Tirps clears the E8 upper left island. I set my secondaries to continue firing at the Yorck as I open my first salvo against the Tirpitz with HE to get him to burn a DCP. At this point, I have 4 ships firing at me. I don't mind, I wouldn't play the class with the best armor and health if I was afraid of getting shot at. Baltimore is helping out against enemy Balty and Yorck and NM is working on the Yorck and Gnes while I tried getting rid of the Tirps ASAP. The guns fired off like shotgun blasts even at 8km range so that was annoying but the secondaries are doing their job and light the Tirps on fire. Our 3 ships managed to hold off 7 ships while our team mopped up the west flank quickly. I did end up dying to the Balty HE but did what I needed to do to get that win.

I was a bit salty at first that I died first between the allied Baltimore and New Mexico but they managed to hold out until an allied Sinop and the DD (cannot recall the ship anymore) joined the fight. It was a fun tense moment!

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