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Lack of Hydro and DFC addressed(by me, a pleb)

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So the moment I heard the Italians cruiser line was not going to be getting hydro and DFC I started audibly wailing;  loud enough my neighbor checked in on me. HOW?!? how could they leave these traits off the line when the premiums they have in game are floating swiss army knives with a number of handy consumables?!? I'm not saying I shoot down a lot of planes with them, or spot a ton of torpedoes, but theyre darn convenient and they can save your life occasionally. BUT then I remembered  what I always read in an old history of 20th century navy book(Naval Power, part of a trilogy, yall familiar with them?) my dad had on the shelf when I was a kid: the Italian navy had weak AA and a lack of radar and sonar tech because they assumed they would always have complete air superiority in the Mediterranean Sea and thus would never need to invest in such tech. So I guess what I'm trying to say is its historically accurate? which is hilarious because I'm a history nut who likes when WGs arcade games get things right....except this time  :Smile_veryhappy:

HOWEVER i am glad we get the new smoke thingy. i think. I'm just so stoked to have them in the game really

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