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Which is better

Zao or Yoshino  

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  1. 1. which one is better

    • Zao
    • Yoshino

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Both play similarly, but have quite the different impact. Yoshino excel at long range fire support. She will stack damage quicker and more easily than Zao. That being said, Zao is a ship that can have more impact in the game. Yoshino cannot contest cap or get close to anything, and rely on damage over time, which make her a low impact ship more often. Meanwhile Zao can contest cap., hunt DD and even Dev strike more easily enemy cruiser thanks to her awesome concealment and huge alpha strike.


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Zao probably. 

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Not really a fair comparison or question.  You can purchase the Yoshino (for 248,000 coal) without having played through the IJN cruiser line. The only way you can get the Zao is to play through or FXP (or a combination).  Since your profile shows you are currently at the Furutaka, it will take 600K FXP to get the Zao (and/or however long to grind through that amount).

So, I suppose your trying to determine if you should spend the coal on the Yoshino or the FXP to get the Zao.  Since you have several tier X ships already I would guess that there is no hurry to spend (i.e., it's not a case of "I want my first Tier X" or "I need a Tier X for CW").  My suggestion is that you continue to play through the IJN cruiser line and use your coal for whatever ship would want in the Armory (since you have more battles and Tier X BBs, why not consider the Georgia over Yoshino?).  Keep your FXP for ships that can only be purchased using FXP.

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I imagine Yoshino will rack up damage more easily than Zao.  You stay at range with the B-65s and you're fine.  The gunnery is very well suited for it, the accurate HE will farm damage, the torps may yield surprises.  The 310mm HE has great penetration capability.  But the ship is purely a damage farmer.


Concealment is the reason why.  The Super Cruisers all have mediocre at best, or downright atrocious concealment.  The B-65s both have a tall Citadel that must be protected at all times or risk getting smashed.  With bad concealment, you're spotted further out and if it gets too heated, that bad concealment means you can't fade away back into stealth to save you, if you were playing too close.


This is the fundamental difference in gameplay with the B-65s and the normal IJN CAs.  Zao in particular is super stealthy.  She has one of the lowest HP pools for Tier X Cruisers but her Ninja Concealment lets her control her fights so much better than most other Cruisers.  In Tier X Cruisers, only Minotaur and Worcester have concealment that is in the same league as Zao's.  With the super conceal, Zao players can play very aggressively when the situation warrants it.  They can creep up undetected and help in the anti-DD work.  Let me tell you, it's not a lot of fun playing a DD, doing your thing, contesting other DDs, and then a Zao suddenly opens up her guns on you at 10km and you didn't even spot it.  Or the frustration on trying to focus down a Zao to kill it immediately, but her super stealth lets her fade away even in pretty short ranges.  That is why, even for me even as a super aggressive player, that Zao's super concealment makes her my highest Survival % Tier X Cruiser.  It's not even close for me how easily I survive in her, and I'm aggressive to a fault.


When your group / flank is being overrun, the reds pushing hard with a DD screen and some nasty Cruisers and Battleship behind them, all looking for something to delete, you will be GLAD you got Zao's super concealment to save your a**.  And then when you're hidden, you can hold your gunfire and chuck those 12km torpedoes behind you to at least try and slow down the reds, and maybe get some hits in.


It's because of this gameplay, I never believed in the saying that Zao and Yoshino were alike.  The only thing they had in common was a preference for HE and some long range torpedoes.  That's it.  But the gameplay between the two are vastly different.

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