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Gameplay 11PM Sunday Night GZ Carrier

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Okay it's dang sad when you and a few other ships pull back towards a victory. We're down to three ships: my Tirpitz, a Montana and a GZ carrier.  Red is ahead in points... way ahead... about 200 hundred points... 

Five minutes or so from the end of the match I nailed the red's carrier with AP... my shots (and I think some from the Montana) took him from full health down to about 1K. Then he winks out (disappears) around 17km from us. Immediately I type into green chat something akin to "carrier - KILL THEIR CARRIER he's almost dead." 

Did he even go check it out? Nope. He let it continue to fight, to sink a ship and continue attacking me and the Montana. There are times you seriously wish you could reach through the other player's monitor and... but I digress...

We LOST. We shouldn't have but we did. All he did was fly his planes over the red dd and said "BBs can sink dds". O. My. Gawd. 

Oh well... my satisfaction was to blacklist the player. I do so hope I see him as a red one day... I keep track you know. :cap_haloween::cap_like: They really do need to provide a "Hit List" function which would lookup your blacklisted people and highlight them if you encounter them. 

If they played great you could de-list them. If they were a red, you'd get that extra bit of satisfaction, like sinking the six-fingered man... Anyhow... 




I still enjoy playing the Tirpitz.

And how was your Sunday night? :cap_wander:

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