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The things I let others talk me into...LOL

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So as I told you in the other thread on this I got the T5-T7 French DD missions and didn't like them. You predicted (cursed is more like it LOL :Smile_hiding:) that I would also get the T8 French DD mission too; which of course I then did (thanks for that btw :Smile_facepalm:). You also stated you believe I will end up with the TX in a few months as well. So...

1 - This morning I finished the 16K BXP mission to unlock the T8 DD. I only had 300 tokens left after getting all 4 bundles and the T5-T7 perma camos so I needed to play the T8 to do the 15K XP mission for 250 more tokens to get the camo for it. Loaded up the flags and camo and off I went.

1st game was sort of meh. I mean good XP and all but results were meh. Just wasn't a game where I had the chance to do much but a good start to the 15K requirement.







So 1/3 done after one game. Not bad for Co-op rewards. So on to game 2 where I said screw this and hit W 4X's when the game started and then speed boost and did a Banzai charge at 50+ knots to the cap and got ready to charge where I expected the reds to approach it. Just as I was finishing capping the bot DD appeared. Got a few shots at it before it got sunk and then went ham around the island and charged the Baltimore, Salem, and Republique that were coming. Got the 2 CA's and torps into the BB before I went down. I don't really like playing like that but I had the itch to go nuts so I did LOL. Results are amazing for Co-op. Got to love those flags and camo...







So 2 games finished the 15K XP needed. With those extra 250 tokens I had enough to get the perma camo for the T8...



So, once that was done I was just looking around and started looking at some of the bundles for 1K Doubloons in the Armory. I hadn't really looked before at what was in them as I had no interest in the Mogador and figured it was the only worthy drop in the group. Turns out there was some good stuff in there (excellent flags and coal). I had a bunch of doubloons hanging around so I decided to buy a few bundles. And of course Mogador dropped for me. :Smile_facepalm: I mean LOL.

Looks like you were right again and the TX will eventually be in port. May as well finish it out now. You really need to stop that stuff. It is creepy scary how you can nudge me into stuff. Just don't talk about the NTC/RB PLEASE!!!! :Smile_ohmy:

Played 1 game with it so far and like the rest = meh. Might even be worse than meh. 7.1km detection WITH Concealment build and 7 sec reload WITH MBM3. OY! :Smile_facepalm: BUT, I will say this, the torps are decent and good lord with speed boost on the thing flies across the map. That reload and detection though are so bad. Have a Capt to 15pts I am using on them (started it way back when got Aigle and Le Terrible in preparation for the tech tree line). The Special French Capt we can earn in the next update looks like a good one for DD's. Might use it there?

So you win again Blorgh2017 LOL..










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That's awesome, Admiral. I knew you could handle the French DD's. I'm sure they'll be your new favorites in no time, lol. :Smile_great::Smile_trollface:

I heard that they should be treated more like a fast mini cruisers with no citadel. I only managed to get Jaguar (not the car, lel) and Guepard so far, and I think the sentiment is right. They are indeed more like cruisers than DD's. And I love them, since it's so fun to activate the speed boost and zip past the bots while blowing raspberries (lul) at them. I even had couple occasions where the bot's torpedoes sailed past behind me, as I was speeding through the water... lal. :Smile_veryhappy:

I hope to see your awesome and dazzling (lol) Tier X French DD game soon, lelelel. :cap_haloween::Smile_trollface::cap_haloween::Smile_trollface::cap_haloween:


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For the french DDs the playstyle I use is to rush towards an island that is as close to the center of the map as possible and just ram into it and wait for the bots to swing by.


The bots tends to converge towards a DD and that is convenient for french DDs as you wait with your torps and reload boosted guns to shoot at their broadsides plus it minimizes the amount of ships targeting you.

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Mini-cruisers without a citadel.  :cap_like:


This is funny on more than one level.  :cap_haloween:

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I purchased the T5 DD just to see what the line would be like. Not a big fan of the lack of smoke the one little thing that can mean life or Death for a DD.

I found if your play aggressively "like I'm going to die and I'm taking as many of them with me" style you can do pretty good providing the "golden BB doesn't find you...

I also think these ship should be using Rudder Shift just to get a very small better chance of surviving...

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I have Mogador, built up for torpedoes and the reload goes to around 59 seconds or something like that.  This isn't a French Benham.  You only have 10 torps max, 5 per side.  The torpedoes hit hard, are super fast, reload quickly.  One thing Mogador has that is special with DDs in general are very aggressive torp launch angles.



If you can line up a solid torpedo run, you can charge in well angled, drop one side of torps, then turn to launch the other side of torpedoes.


FR DDs in Co-op aren't simple to use as normal DDs with smoke because you get spotted far away and the early game DD & Cruiser threats can dissuade you from the torpedo rushes that FR DDs can be quite good at.

Smoke DD Co-op trick:  Push up to cap, spot early ships, smoke up when the DD shows itself, gun it down, and then rush out to do point blank torp rushes.

Simple.  Easy.  Effective.  Works on every DD that has smoke.

FR DDs can't do that, they have to be sly about it some more.  Maps with islands closer to where you want to be are key, but if you get the area with lots of open water and there are plenty of Cruisers around (esp. those with torpedoes), it's going to be a problem.


Mogador isn't a surprise for me because I owned Le Terrible already from long ago.  My LT is built more for guns but I built Mogador for torpedoes.  It's more inconsistent in performance than my other DDs like Shimakaze, Benham, etc. who play a lot more straight forward and are easy to be effective with, and are way less dependent on the map than the FR DDs are.


Also, don't be afraid to use High Tier FR DD AP as it has a lot of penetration capability.  Against CLs which are poorly armored compared to CAs, you'll get Citadel hits depending on the range.  Below is the Artillery Chart for the Tier VIII-IX FR DDs.  It's all identical.  But you can see the AP penetration capability.


Poke around the Armor Belts of the various High Tier Cruisers and you'll find CLs are vulnerable to AP Citadels.  Now, I'm not saying to YOLO Rush a Bot Worcester in open water to try and get Citadel hits, because you'll likely get ripped apart.  But if you ever find yourself seeing the side of some of those Cruisers, know that you can get AP Citadel hits against them.  Again, the CLs have less belt armor than the CAs, as a general rule.


Edit:  Some example Cruiser Belt Armor values:

Some example High Tier Cruiser Citadel armor belt values:

Zao & Mogami:  25mm TDS, 100mm Citadel Armor Belt.

Baltimore & Des Moines: 152mm Citadel Armor Belt

Chapayev:  100mm Citadel Armor Belt

Cleveland & Worcester:  127mm Citadel Armor Belt

Charles Martel:  100mm Cit Armor Belt below the guns, don't go for the center of the ship with the spaced armor.  As I mentioned before, the CLs are lighter in belt armor than CAs in general.  Again, I would not go out the way to feature AP into these Cruisers because they're dangerous to be even anywhere near them as a DD.  Do you want to be within 6km of a DM-class, Worcester, Cleveland, Chapayev, Zao, etc?  It's just if for some reason you find yourself there, know what your FR DD AP can do in certain situations.


Lastly, here's my Mogador's torpedo values.  I have Torpedo Armament Expertise trait with Torpedo Tube Mod 3 upgrade.


The torpedo tubes' layout is seen in my earlier picture showing the tube launch arcs.  2 sets of launchers per side.  The forward launchers have 3 tubes, the rear launchers have 2 tubes.  5 torps per side, 10 total.


Mogador can be real fun and effective in PVE, it's just you'll be working harder than you would in a regular smoke capable DD like Benham, Fletcher, Yugumo, etc.

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