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Comparison of the RNG between 2 games

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Just had 2 games in a row in my North Carolina. Both games were very comparable in the teams lineups, skill level and divisions. The first game however was a complete joke in the RNG dept. Shell dispersion was horrendous, stationary targets avoided salvo after salvo at medium range, a blind enemy Pensacola wandered past me at 7k, I gave him all 3 turrets of AP for 2 hits and 2k damage... All shells on target but nothing registered. A Bismarck at 15k was hitting me consistently for 7-10k every salvo even though I was perfectly angled , but all my return shots bounced or missed by miles.. The game ended with a loss with 8 hits and 13k damage, a truly abysmal score for the 1shot-19_08.03_21_55.48-0791.thumb.jpg.9dd6a3d7ab8e9f949f4660263052076e.jpgshot-19_08.03_21.56_08-0864.thumb.jpg.004446c449693d86325c56be192da481.jpg00+ shells fired. 

 Decided to give it one more go and the next game was the polar opposite, almost as if RNG decided it was too mean the previous game. My accuracy was 10x better, although I only citadeled one target the game was infinity better. for almost the same amount of shells fired I scored 63 hits. Not a brilliant game but just shows (to me anyway) how much dumb luck and roll of the dice accuracy makes up a BB game. 

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