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WG - How did you break waypoint maneuvering???

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Played about 3 games in CVs and used waypoints.  Collision Avoidance = off.  The second a known working waypoint setup activates ground proximity warning, it completely [edited] its self.   With collision avoidance off, at no point should the ship do anything other than commanded.  While changes are played with over the next.... probably 10 patches or so, OFF should be OFF.  It's not difficult to incorporate it in a manner of "On" "New" "Off", and OFF should not equal 'new ship killing beta mode on'.

This is a simple quick fix that should be added in for the new PT session that's coming up.  PRE 8.6 waypoint was like 3 mile island -- 8.6 waypoint is like Chernobyl.  While the bugs are worked out, please allow us to select the method that will get the ship killed the least.  While the pre 8.6 was / is some of the worst pathing I've seen in any game, 8.6 seemed to make it 10 times worse.  Turn rates, rudder shift time, speed / speed lost while turning....these  are all known variables.  There's no reason to not be able to tell the ship to make a right turn and have it do just that without over shooting it.  If coding finds it too difficult to use the appropriate data to get the rudder back to zero properly, allow the auto pilot the ability to zero the rudder instantly as long as it has been in control for 10 seconds or longer to prevent abuse.

Of course it'd be nice if the ACTUAL turn path of the ship was plotted when waypoints were added.  Below is an illustration that beaches a ship.  It doesn't even TRY to turn, and yes, these are turns the ship is known to be able to make.  Test such in training rooms for yourself.   Go full speed by an island and make a 90 degree turn.  Note the ship's turn radius on the map.  Turn the ship around and plot the reverse course and watch the ship freak out and beach.  Then go back again using map mode and start the turn manually.  It will make the turn just fine, but in waypoint, full speed ahead into the rock.

Just make off....OFF for now.  I even had one game where the ship had turned slightly to the opposite direction.  C'mon


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Patches 8.5 - 8.6.... supremely the echelon of CV fun & engagement.   It truly appears that Wargaming is attempting to coerce CV pilots walk away from the class so they don't have to!        

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20 minutes ago, NoSoMo said:

Of course it'd be nice if the ACTUAL turn path of the ship was plotted when waypoints were added. 

^ I have set the autopilot for both CVs and other ships on occasion, and then watched it. For a ship that should simply be sailing off in a straight line to a point on the map, there seems to be alot of rudder changes. Is 'zigzagging' an option?

I still see the CV throw itself into reverse on occasion as well when it 'misses' the waypoint. I've even plotted the CV on a course between islands. Not narrow channels but large ones. If I can see plenty of space on either side of the course line, that ship should sail through with no problems. I even set a waypoint far enough outside the channel so the ship can go through straight. Yet a bit later while in a plane, I hear the collision alert and then get notice that the ship is beached. It's like the ship wants to be Notser.

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I had a game yesterday on New Dawn where I foolishly tried taking out a CV to see how hard it would be to get the 25k directive done. The image below shows the path I requested in green, and the path I actually got in red. I was off flying my planes to their certain demise in clouds of flak when I suddenly hear the collision warning go off. It was a little hard to see on the minimap because there were a number of teammates clustered around me, but it appears that the ship just didn't make the corner. I can sort-of kind-of understand it having a hard problem if it was trying to dodge other ships, but in that case give me direct control over the ship while I'm flying planes!

I realize that I've now made it onto their spreadsheet as a "CV Main" because I've played at least one game in the past week, but this will be my last attempt in this release, and probably for longer than that.



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I don't have any problems with waypoints on my Enterprise.

I never plot a turn tighter than 89 degrees, and never shave an island closer than 1 km unless I'm on the last leg to a hiding spot.

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