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Getting better at DD's

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If anyone is looking to div with someone who plays almost exclusively dds tiers 8-10, go ahead and send me an invite and remind me your from the forums.

Ill be happy to teach you somethings I've picked up along the way. I am not skilled in sub tier 8, but the principals will translate. 

I'm not quite like @Destroyer_KuroshioKai due to differences in DD play styles, but I can give you a generalized things to do in all situations focusing on increasing consistency. 

I'm tired of seeing substandard DD play, it was the last straw that i was seeing a shima not use his guns to two shot a low HP dd to the point where im still straight tilted after 3 days.

Can reach me here, in game under Report_Cvs, or discord Report_CV#0020.

I can use voice, but I am capable of typing things out if you're uncomfortable. I dont sugar coat things on voice, and I am abrasive. 

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I am too much of a weekend wallet warrior noob potato to fit your requirements.  Thanks for the offer though.

*edit forgot to mention USN playerbase tin foil hat forum conspiracy theorist.

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