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What type of torpedo armament do you prefer.

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This is mostly in regard to destroyers, with high tier in mind.

Please be realistic, try to create a design that can actually be implemented into the game.

Please list the

  1. Launcher Setup
  2. Damage
  3. Reload
  4. Range
  5. Reaction time once spotted

and please provide your reasoning as to why you prefer this type of armament

For example, 

I would prefer a torpedo armament that would be similar to an upgraded Akatsuki loadout with

  1. 3 Triple launchers
  2. 16k damage per torp
  3. 80 second reload per launcher
  4. 12km range
  5. Fletcher Torp detection time

This would provide great flexibility with the 3x3 loadout and has a pretty short downtime with okay damage, good range, and good reaction time

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Alright, I'll play:

  1. At least 2 launchers, number of torpedoes at least 4 minimum; I like multiple launchers because they give me flexibility, allowing me to either compensate for potential speed/directional changes on targets or, in a pinch, catch targets off guard with a second salvo (one tactic I used frequently in Rogue Wave is to fire off one salvo and then close in on careless foes for a second salvo)
  2. Damage: As high as can be balanced; more damage is always better
  3. Reload: As quickly as possible, but around 90-100 seconds is generally fine for me (what's not acceptable is a Benson-level torpedo reload time of 2+ minutes)
  4. Range: As far as possible, but generally speaking stealth-torpedo capabilities are a must—you won't get many enemies, even potatoes, who can't sink a yolo-ing destroyer without the element of surprise/terrain cover.
  5. Detectability: As low as possible, but I'm generally willing to sacrifice torpedo speed for detectability; usually torpedo attacks for me are a matter of predicting the enemy's course and not so much enemies outrunning my salvos.
  6. Speed: As fast as possible, but given the exchange between speed and detectability I'm fine with something like 60 kts or so.

Also, side note: I admit deep-water torpedoes have their uses, but I honestly prefer torpedoes that can be used in a pinch against destroyers as well: you'll usually hit potato cruisers/battleships/carriers with normal torpedoes anyways, and the smart ones know to dodge if they even suspect you've fired torpedoes and not just the moment they see them.

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  1. triple launchers, 3x3 or 3x2
  2. IJN lvl of DMG
  3. 60 sec reload
  4. 8km to 12km range (adjusted for RADAR ships)
  5. Torp spotting about 1km
  6. Torp speed 75km
  7. Ship det. 6 km

Torp wise, this would be my dream torp DD setup to go test in.

I hate long range torping... Asashio is a nice gimmick ship but its not my playstyle for the ordnance


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2 hours ago, Die95 said:

Please list the

  1. Launcher Setup
  2. Damage
  3. Reload
  4. Range
  5. Reaction time once spotted


Using a high tier gunboat base:

1) A single 16 tube launcher

2) low damage say 8k but good-high flood chance. 

3) Five minute reload. 

4) Short-ish range of say 8km. Decent speed but not super high. 

4a) A DWT version of 11km for the lols could be a swappable option. 

5) About medium/average. 


This would be a hilarious combo to have with a gunboat - reload so long you have to survive the first cap engagement (and not get your launcher broken in the fight, else it resets the reload).

In ideal circumstances you can only launch three times in an entire match. As such, you need to mainly gunboat.

If you run into a DD you’ll nail him. But in reality, you’d be holding off to find a grouped up bunch of lame campers and dump your torps into them. You’ll print double strikes, so it should be USN with Halsey at the helm. 

But still, range is too short for area denial for random hits. 

I would totally play this. 

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