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Commander Skills British BB Help

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I'm still new to the game, and I have a 12 point Captain so far, and looking for advice on my first 4 point skill.  

Instead of going for skills 1,2,3,4 points like I should have done, I made a rookie mistake and got a couple 2 pointers early.  So I've been waiting for to get the Captain back to 4 points to add the 4 point skill.  I'm nearing the Queen Elizabeth and I have PT, EM, AR and BFT.  I already know I should probably switch out BFT for SI or BOS if what I've been reading is correct.

I've heard after the recent rework that Manual Fire Control for AA is pretty important, but as I'm still learning I don't know if I can take full advantage of it yet while paying attention to everything else?  Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Concealment expert should be your first 4-point skill in my opinion. The only other candidate is Fire Prevention.

Having better stealth to get closer, not be the first target spotted and focused and to be able to disengage more easily is huge, hence Concealment Expert. Fire Prevention by reducing your fire zones from 4 to 3 and making one central one makes it much more likely that you'll take single rather than double fires, which is also a big plus.

MFCAA is a questionable skill choice for them in my opinion. At low-medium tiers the AA is poor and you're not building on very much. Carriers are not that abundant at high tiers once again and with 12 targets to choose from serious carrier attack even in a game with a carrier may be unusual. I have a troll AA build for my Queen Elizabeth (MFCAA, BFT, AFT) but it's absolutely not worth it.


You can still set the AA sectors without MFCAA it's just less of a swing in the % damage, and takes longer. It still takes a long time even with MFCAA. Setting it up early on the threat flank is something you can do when it's quiet. If you are attacked it's a question of planning and timing to switch from the sector they're coming in on to the opposite one as they overfly you.

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Standard tank build works for any BB in the game (I have them all, and rarely ever DONT use standard tank build).





My pick for 12 points is in bold. You will have 2 points left, my suggestion is to grab a third and go BoS. Like you said, BFT might be worth ditching, but I wouldnt bend over backwards or pay doubloons for it unless you are really serious about it. SI is loads better (that extra heal can be priceless in some games).


There is an exception... I dont know how much you are aware of the higher tier British BBs, but the tier 9 and 10 get a 'super heal' that can repair over 30k HP with one charge (you still can only geal a certain percent of case mate and citadel damage though, so its bot 100% efficient, but neither is any heal). As such, the reload on it is fairly long. I opted for the Jack of All Trades skill on my special British captain Bert Dunkirk instead of AR. However, I would not recrommend this for you, because you likley do not have a special Dunkirk captain and there are changes being pushed through that reduces the reload on the consumable significantly. This means JoAT has less of an effect, making AR a better take. 



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