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Russian destroyers, S.O.S.

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Destroyers are generally my least favorite ship class. We just dont jive although I can do somewhat well in a handful of them. 

However, that handful does not include the Khaba or Groz. I just cannot make them work. Maybe it's my build, my playstyle, or perhaps these are just ships I'll never be good at. 

Regardless, I'd like to get better. I need any kind of advice you can give. I know not to cap in my Khaba. I know to turn on and off AA. I know a lot of the basics. I can even get some six digit scores, though usually my performance is much more poor. 

So what's the best way to play these things? Its embarrassing to ask but I'm just at a point where I cant make it work.

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For khaba, I run double rudder mod and heal.  Go fast stay at 12-13 I'm and light the world on fire.  I don't even worry about conceal that much. It is a dmg farmer and you need to be wary of ship locations.  Just have direction finder to keep track of red team DD.   

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Kiting in high tier gunboats is the best way to play. Let the enemies shoot at other targets.

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