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Grinding the Legendary Module for my GK!

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So on Friday after work I decided to grind out the last 3 of 5 stages of the legendary module for my GK.
The stages are as follows..     

Stage 1: Earn 10,000 XP
Stage 2: Earn 8,000,000 Credits
Stage 3: Earn 15,000 FXP
Stage 4: Win 15 Battles
Stage 5: Earn 40,000 Base XP

I had just finished the Credits part and as I had no other grind on the go, I figured why not.
Not too bad grind wise, It took 104 Battles to complete the last 3.

Now I'm a DD main, and although I do enjoy the BB's, DD's just fit me better.
I honestly never took the time to see how bad BB players "during high DD count" have it.

This isn't a rag on DD's as I'm one of them myself, but when you get 3 or more DD's in a match, it can be really hard to rack up damage as a BB player,
the DD's just dominate the mode completely.

I know PVE is not as popular as random, and WeeGee probably doesn't look at our mode as anything more than a place for us to frolic about, and be somewhat content.

But changes need to come, a Cap on DD's per match to say 2.
or more bots at tier X, even just 2 extra bots would help.

I saw so many matches where there were BB's finished with such little damage, yes some because of poor play, but plenty because they simply had it snatched away by the mighty torpedo.

I'll probably go back to playing DD's like I used to for the most part, but I will be more considerate towards my fellow BB players.




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