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ATTN: Content Creators (sony vegas pro question)

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so I've been asking around and gotten some help from a few fellow creators and advice, and searched youtube tutorials till I'm blue in the face, but my problem is the slight fuzziness on my youtube videos after upload.  I used to have a potato of a computer and recently built myself a new rig (Running Ryzen7 2700x,32gb Ram, RTX 2070, SSD etc) I'm using nvidea shadowplay for gameplay capture my captures look just like when I play the game beautiful crisp sharp.  when I edit my video in Sony Vegas Pro 14 and then upload them they look ok...but not great.  I know my Rig should be able to handle much better quality but I can't figure out the right rendering template/settings to optimize my videos without making them so large it takes a fortnite to upload to youtube.  I'm looking for help from someone WHO USES SONY VEGAS about which template will give me the best quality and take the mild blurry out of my videos for reference I've uploaded a screenshot of the template I use and my most recent youtube video.  I'd love any help offered and maybe we can get on discord and talk this out thanks




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