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Reversing transactions: Is this normal?

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I had 3 Gearing Rogue Wave commanders in reserve. I then bought an additional 3 on a different day. Of the 3, 1 went on my Gearing (which had no commander at the time) and 2 went into reserve. My reserve was full at the time. Thus, I also gained 2 commander reserve slots.

I decided: Hmm, I have so many high point USN captains! I got a 19 pt on my Helena, a 19 pt on my St Louis, and a 19 pt on my Ranger. My DM, Gearing, and Montana also have a 19 pt captain (Worc has 18 pt). I even have 2 different 19 pt captains for my Montana! (specc'ed differently, of course).

So I clearly didn't need high point USN captains anymore. (And I made terrible purchasing decisions...) CS very kindly reversed my most recent transaction of 3 Gearing commanders. Here's what happened:
They took away 3 Gearing Commanders and 3 commander reserve slots! I only got 2 reserve slots from "my most recent transaction of 3 Gearing commanders."


Now, a commander reserve slot (nominal price: 100 doubloons) is very plentiful for long-time players like me, so I don't need to complain. (If I were a new player, I would feel very cheated.) (And if I really wanted to, I can get another slot for 4,000,000 credits.) However, I wanted to ask Is this normal? Was the transaction reversal conducted according to standard procedure?

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