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Naruto Running (said to be from an actual Air Force brief)

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The United States Air Force motto is "AIM HIGHER", and curiously, was NOT instituted by the USAF itself. Rather, it is a quote from unknown thousands of American Marine and Army ground forces which have felt the effects of the Air Force , well, aiming low. While the USAF adopted the first two words of the quote, subsequent words which followed these on recorded radio transmissions were not used and cannot be reprinted here, due to the caustic, derogatory, and obscene nature of both the words and their phrasing. One can only hope the the Air Force remembers these two words of wisdom, and that practice does, indeed, make perfect. Or at least non-lethal to friendly troops.

God Bless the United States Air Force, a taxi service second only to the United States Navy!

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Knowing isn't enough, though. They're so fast bullets won't hit them! The invasion force will be walking (I suppose running, rather) all over the army! :Smile_trollface:

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2 hours ago, Solitary_Stalker said:

And that is the reason the other branches of the Military give the Air force :etc_swear:

Literally everybody has to sit through B$ seminars and security briefs, no matter the branch of service.

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