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Lex Goes Solo!

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8 hours ago, Estimated_Prophet said:

Good Job.

If I say anything else it’ll just put me in a foul mood.

Six things I recall of interest:

1.  We let an Atlanta hold the B cap while our friendly T8 CA and T8 BB stayed at the fringe.  I had a passing thought to go cap it myself, but I restrained that action.

2.  On one Atlanta run I thought I had TBD, but was running SBD...didn't realize it until I started a TBD run with SBDs....:Smile_hiding:...at least our team got some shots in on the spot!

3.  And who eventually took him out?...our Negato from the A CAP!  With me spotting...Sigh.  Won't complain too much because the BB sitting at B finished number two.

4.  The Red T8 BB captain complaining about all the planes; not sure if he realized I was only a few km way on the other side of the mountain at B;  Launch..strike...Launch strike....DPM nirvana for a CV.

5.  In retrospect, something I only noticed looking at the replay where I could take it all in....the late game kite by Negato was key to the win.  Not something you much realize in the moment...either side...but make note after the fact.

6.  I thought we had lost it as I ran my last full TBD strike....I had started to line up the Biz...but then saw Gneis in  trail (low health)...and realized if I could knock him out...extend the points delta...we could pull it off.

As for after the fact...so many things red could have done to seal the win.  But that is all in hindsight...with benefit of seeing the outcome.  As most players know, it's a lot easier to see what you should have done after its all over than seeing it in real time...dodging salvos (and planes) and torpedoes.  Very easy to miss something or fail to project points/time in the stress of the moment. 


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