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Please buff PEF's AA

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I don't typically ask for changes of this nature for individual ships (although I am an advocate of a similar strengthening for Yubari), but I have been playing PEF a lot recently - and while it is a very decent boat overall - the succession of changes to AA has rendered it something of a dud in defending itself against carriers. This is a real shame because, like Yubari, being a powerful anti-CV platform was one of the chief selling points of the PEF, as you might recall.

Just as an example, I was just in a match where I was the chosen target of an enemy Furious for roughly the entire duration. I shot down three aircraft. Three. Frankly... that's kind of a joke, given how AA is considered to be pretty darned good right now (and, for the record, we won handily - I wasn't left raging by the experience, just perplexed). For whatever reason, PEF seems to have been left out of the cold when it comes to the modern incarnation of anti-aircraft protection, and I'd like to see that rectified.

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PEF's AA greatly benefited from the old BFT and AFT boosts. 

Making both captain skills almost useless for AA really did a number on the ship -- particularly the loss of range boost from AFT.

There are a lot of ships that took a hit to their AA efficacy from the changes that WG has done nothing to adjust or accommodate for -- see, any US cruiser with the max AA range chopped to 4.8km for other examples. 



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