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Tier/Fleet Battles

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(Phase 1) Tier Battles:   

1. Run a weekly event where each day of the week the tier cap in the game mode increases.

Monday - Tier 5 cap

Tuesday, Tier 6

Wednesday, Tier 7

Thursday, Tier 8

Friday, Tier 9.

Sat/Sun, Tier10


2. Ships of all tiers below the cap are allowed to play.   For each tier your ship is below the daily cap limit, you get a 5% bonus to experience and credit earned in the match. 

3.  If a ship is 4 tiers below the cap and  fails to meet a predetermined experience level for the game, then it is considered obsolete, and can no longer be used for the balance of the week.  (Example: On Monday, Tier 1 (20% bonus) ships could be used, but likely for only one game before they would be declared obsolete.  Tier 2 15% bonus,Tier 3 10% bonus, Tier 4 5% bonus). 

4. A ship 4 tiers below the current daily cap must have been used the previous day to be eligible for the current day's play.  


This game mode would be relatively simple to implement, and would encourage players to keep ships of all levels (or purchase more premiums or doubloons).  It would also give each tier one day to be "king of the hill", and would help illustrate the progression of each line every week.

Have this mode offer a credit/exp mode that is, on average, better than normal random mode.   This would encourage participation.   Also, players not playing the top tier for the day would be rewarded for the extra challenge, but ships too low in rank would only be allowed to continue if played exceptionally well.

(Phase 2):  Fleet Battle -  Random, Clan and Ranked battles feel like training; Training for something bigger that just doesn't exist in the game yet.   We need a more strategic campaign type game mode.

1.  Using the game mode in Phase 1 (Weeklong Tiered format), create a Fleet campaign system that pits 2 Fleets against each other in a weeklong contest.    Fleets would be made up of a number of clans (10, 50 100?), Creating a total of 6 (or 12 or 18 etc) Fleets per server.   The Fleet Commanders would be the Community Contributors in that geographical area, or any other "celebrity" that would add some character to each fleet.

2.  While "Tier Battles" would be available all day long for tiered practice,  "Fleet Battle" mode would only be done during prime time hours.

3. Create a campaign map, with a grid of "maps" 10 x 10 (or bigger).  

4.  Create a resource that each fleet uses to support attacking and defending specific targets.   Fleet Commanders "command" their fleet by applying these resources to specific objectives (attacking or defending spaces on the campaign map).   A certain amount of these resources are then used by fleet members that join a battle for that space.   Depending on resources commited, any number of games could be played for control of a space, with a limit per game of resources for that game in that space.    Ships of lower tiers use much fewer resources per game than ships that are at the days tier cap.   This would incent people to use lower tiered ships, while still using the bonusing system mentioned in Phase 1 above.

5.  The Fleet battle continues for the entire week, or until final objective is accomplished.   If the fleet battle ends early, then another starts using ships of the days current cap

6.  Clans earn steel/coal for the clan based on their clan's performance, and the overall performance of the fleet.


The idea here is somewhat tailored after the Fleet Battle system used in the old Navyfield game that many here played years back, just modified to fit WoWS.


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